Linking Supports for Student Learning and Success Orange County Department of Education

The Training Materials are posted below.

Emily Diehl's Keynote:​​ ​
Ignite Learning With A Growth Mindset Keynote (Adobe .pdf)​

​Linking Supports for Student Learning and Success Agenda (Microsoft Word) ​​​ ​

Strand A: Executing the Grand Vision: Driven Effective Educators Creating Driven Effective Learners​
Strand A Agenda (Adobe .pdf)

​Emily Diehl's Presentation:
As Above So Below (Adobe .pdf)​​ ​

Kevin Schaefer / Emily Diehl Presentation:​
California’s Multi-tiered System Of Supports (Adobe .pdf)​

​Debra Herburger / Janelle Mercado / Jennifer Ellerman Presentations:
Executing the Grand Vision
Inclusive Practices And Co-Teaching (Adobe .pdf)​

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